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Small Business Development for the 21st Century Entrepreneurs

Get the help you need through Specialized Business Training and Technical Assistance utilizing One-on-One business counseling, specialized business workshop and seminars. Southwest Louisiana Business Development Center is here for you.
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Who We Serve
Southwest Louisiana Business Development Center(SWLABDC) provide services for Minority Business Enterprises (MBEs); Micro-Enterprise Businesses (MEBs); Women Business Enterprises (WBEs); Veterans Business Enterprises (VEBs), Small Emerging Business (SEBs) and Native American Business Enterprises (NABEs) through specialized Business Technical .

Assistance workshops and seminars that will allow you the ability to develop your business skills that you will need to plan, market and manage your businesses and use the skills learned to provide above minimum wage jobs. Training and Technical Assistance services will include but are not limited to: How to write an affective business plan, Business management, Financial management, Access to Venture Capital, Business Budgeting, Business Record Keeping, Market identification, Business Feasibility studies and design, Business Marketing/advertising, Business Communications, Product or Service development and Insurance need for your business.

 Why Do SWLABDC serves this Small Business Market
Small business owners are a diverse group composed of individuals of all ages, races, and genders, empowered by running their own businesses. In the last two decades 10 percent of American workers chose self-employment (including incorporated self-employment) as their primary occupation. Self-employment rates were highest among the disabled, older age categories, veterans, and individuals with more formal education. African Americans and Latinos self-employed individuals had much larger percentage increases than the self-employed as a whole over the last decade. Self-employment in the United States increased 13.1 percent and it increased 26.6 and 95.7 percent, respectively, for African Americans and Latinos individuals. Also besting the national figures, the number of self-employed Asians and American Indians increased 60.6 percent during this time frame. Much of the national increase was among immigrants, as the native-born self-employed population increased 7.4 percent over the decade. Education continues to be the gateway toward success. Self-employed college graduates and individuals with masters degrees and above increased 35 percent and 29 percent, respectively.
Because of this, we give your small businesses the boost it needs that will help bring your business into the financial mainstream of the Free Enterprise System and Marketplace.

Southwest Louisiana Business Development Center’s Success
Establishing a reputation of success for others has given us the same satisfaction. Since 1994 we have generated over $9,136,869.00 in loans and grants for small business development and jobs creation. SWLABDC wrote the Small Business Capitalization Entrepreneur training program for Calcasieu Parish Consortium Workforce Investment Board that provide $500,000.00 in grants for small businesses located in Calcasieu, Cameron and Jefferson Davis Parishes.. SWLABDC was also instrumental in acquiring $4.6 Million in funding from the Federal Government National Emergency Grant program that provided financial relief for the Small Businesses affected by Hurricane Katrina and Rita located in Calcasieu, Cameron and Jefferson Davis Parishes.

Membership in Southwest Louisiana Business Development Center
For nearly two decades, SWLABDC and its member associates have provided training and technical assistance along with financing to enable more than two thousand entrepreneurs to contribute to economic growth as they support themselves, their families and their communities. Engaging with SWLABDC enables us to deepen and extend the impact of our members and the entrepreneurs we serve. Membership means immediate benefits for your business, and you’re also doing the right thing for your community you live in. The cost is small ($300.00 per year) but the advantages of Southwest Louisiana Business development Center membership are many.

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Proudly serving Small Business Entrepreneurs since 1994 (17 years) in Louisiana and the United States.

Certifications and Designation:
FDIC: Money Smart Train-the-Trainer | SBA Intermediary| FDIC Money Smart Small Business Trainer| Certifying Authority for MBEs, DBEs, VBEs, WBEs and NABEs


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